Teacher- Special Education - Autism


We are seeking a Special Education Teacher to join our team! Summary: Responsible for designing and implementing a multi-sensory individualized educational plan (IEP) for children with autism in a self-contained classroom with six to ten students. Maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to effective individual diagnosis, prescription, correction and evaluation. This job is located in La Verne, CA. Essential Functions: Reviews prior records of students to identify specific educational needs; participates in IEP meetings in order to develop an educational plan that is also supportive of the student's therapeutic program; periodically assesses and reports accomplishments relative to IEP. Works cooperatively within the multi-disciplinary milieu, therapeutic treatment setting with psychologists, child care staff, parents, various therapists and others to develop, implement, and facilitate each student's overall treatment plan and IEP. Administers formal and informal assessments to determine baseline levels of functioning and measure student progress. Utilizes current teaching methods and strategies to design lesson plans that will engage students in the learning process; ensures opportunities for all students to actively participate in the learning process; assigns homework that can be accomplished independently by the students. Develops and implements effective behavior management techniques appropriate for students and commensurate with the Company's therapeutic and positive reinforcement philosophies; maintains a structured, organized and safe educational environment with posted classroom rules and schedules; models appropriate behaviors. Develops and maintains individual and classroom records including progress reports, daily attendance records, formal educational assessments, and transcripts in accordance with school policies; ensures confidentiality is maintained; prepares daily student evaluation reports relative to academic and behavioral performance for information and use by child care staff, parents, and others when working with the student after school. Participates in Student Study Team to identify ways to remediate and enrich academic learning and behavioral growth for each student. Provides leadership to teaching aide including assigning and reviewing work, including him/her in planning daily activities, providing advice and guidance, and reviewing performance periodically. Attends and participates in meetings, in-service programs and workshops to maintain professional knowledge and skills and keep informed as to Company's policies and programs that may impact on students; attends CPI training and utilizes it techniques. Participates in extra-curricular activities (e.g. sports, cultural events, graduation, assemblies, etc.) as required. Qualifications: Current and Valid California Special Education Credential or credential eligible Demonstrated skill in working with children with Autism Demonstrated skill in behavior management Demonstrated skill in curriculum development Company Description Haynes Family of Programs was established in 1946 in a lush 21-acre campus located in the City of La Verne. It has grown from a small operation serving just a handful of children into one of the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit organizations of its kind. We are dedicated to helping children with special needs relating to emotional development, autism, Asperger's Disorder, learning disabilities, abuse, neglect and abandonment. Haynes Family of Programs provides educational resources for children who may not be able to attend a regular public school, residential treatment for foster care children and recently emancipated youth and services to the community with therapies provided in-home or off campus.